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Private Practice Addicts

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Private Practice Addicts!
**Under Construction**

Private Practice Addicts


*This Is a community to Discuss Private Practice, the spin-off from Grey's Anatomy so please keep all posts about private practice, the actors/actresses in the show, or anything having to do with private practice. Even if you seen them in public appearances, or saw them at the local coffee shop.
*No illegal downloads or suggestions allowed in this community. It's against the law people, and if you want to do that, its your business but please refrain from doing so.
*You can talk about greys anatomy as well, cause their are cross overs that occur
*If you post images or graphics, icons etc please put make sure you use lj cut so it doesn't take up members whole friends page.
Basically small rules, nothing serious, but feel free to promote, and share your fan-fic, or anything private practice, kate walsh, tim daly...
*I'm (hopeful_flicka) is willing to answer any questions you may have.
* Spoilers must be under lj cut so you don't spoil it for someone who wants to be surprised please.
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co-mod: shananagems

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